To establish itself as a global reputed company with state of the art service delivery.


We strive to offer world class facilities and services by making service delivery a riveting experience which contribute to client productivity and satisfaction.

PRAANAA is the creation of Pramod P.M, Chairman, affectionately addressed P.M. His vast experience in the hospitality sector, spanning two decades, is the pivot on which this company revolves.

“Praanaa means life force, soul, the origin of all energy- and that's what it's all about.”

Pramod’s service odyssey has endowed him with a unique universal perception of sincerity and commitment. His meteoric rise from chef to chairman speaks volumes about his dedication. A keen and enthusiastic individual always eager to explore the world, he has travelled across the world to meet, interact and understand different nationalities, cultures, traditions etc. The wealth of experience, knowledge and wisdom gained from these expeditions has made him a master in the service sector.

His stint in Africa is worth mentioning as he has enriched many regions of the continent with his service skills as part of the Anglo Gold Ashanti team, one of the leading gold producers in the world. Bold and enterprising Pramod has trailed even the most rugged, fierce terrains of West Africa to offer his service, where even other major service sector companies dare not venture.

His adventurous spirit and an eye for detail have garnered him with good business acumen in the area of logistics in remote camp service. He is exemplary when it comes to supply chain management, performing as a seasoned artiste with precise perfection and time, as he is aware that a flaw or glitch in the supply chain can render service delivery to a standstill, which will turn camp life chaotic. He has established connections, deep roots and trust with multiple reliable suppliers who provide products on demand, on time. Offering reliable quality service in such far away secluded locations requires both technological know-how and man management. Pramod manages both these functions hand in glove. Flawlessly he maintains the flow of service and goods unobstructed and unshakable. In charge of himself and others around him he is a man with a mission and a vision whose priority also lies in reaching out to the neediest, the poorest of the poor, to wipe their tears. Philanthropy is inherent in him

Be it sourcing the finest quality product or providing world class service at an isolated camp on time against all odds or motivating employees from various cultural backgrounds or consistently satisfying customers in the best way possible Pramod is second to none.

In his vibrant, eventful career, Pramod has added many feathers in his cap. He has played host to heads of states, ministers, VIPs etc with utmost care and responsibility impressing and captivating them with his charm and efficiency.

Behind every successful man there is a woman always encouraging and supporting. Pramod with true earnestness declares the meaningful positive role Smitha Leela, his wife a Post Graduate in Chemistry and degree in teaching, plays in his personal and professional life. “Smitha who has accompanied me in all my travels over the world is not just my wife. She is my friend, my strength, my inspiration”. Their son whose motto is to follow his father's footsteps to improve the quality of life is aptly named Pranav.

Pramod invites you for a feel of the finest hospitality experience ever through PRAANAA, He assures you it will take you to new heights and understanding from standards set by you as he has redefined hospitality.