Camp Design

PRAANAA the new age camp creators specializes in architectural design and expert execution. It offers you a camp as per your individual needs. Relying on skilled human resource and technological know-how PRAANAA is a camp with a difference.

Hither to large-scale accommodation centers for thousands of workers have always been a crisscross between a very large resort facility and a small town or village. The camps PRAANAA designs have all amenities to manage everyday functioning of community life and to care for all guests who stay whether permanent or temporary.

Equipped with unparalleled experience in field mining camps, PRAANAA has an in-depth understanding of construction and maintenance. An enterprising lot always catering to clients we at PRAANAA are always on our toes – either on the ground working with clients or designing facilities, managing and setting-up the project, budget on time, seeking fresh perspectives etc. We ensure every aspect of ‘village life’ run smooth for the comfort and safety of the workers on site. For the workers it’s a home away from home. For our clients, it’s an efficient, well-run, cost-efficient managed camp, working to its optimum.

PRAANAA offers a wide-spread range of services tailored to your individual requirements, in tune with your operating philosophy. Drawing from our expertise, experience and innovation, we work with you to provide high quality food catering service to create a healthy lifestyle environment for your workplace.

Our model is based on self-performing specific services. Wherever possible the people who provide the service work directly for us. In certain specialized areas we work either with existing client suppliers or with approved third party suppliers who perform in consonance with our health and safety measures, service and quality standards etc . For further queries please email us: pm@praanaa.ae