Camp management is one of the major strong points of our company- where experience matches excellence.

Our chairman with two decades of valuable experience in on-site management has with great care cherry picked an excellent team that exudes confidence and exhibit professionalism when it comes to camp management.

The total on-site solutions we furnish are:

Recreation Facilities
Health club/gym
Event management

Most camps are in remote rural areas. Apart from basic necessities the inmates should be provided all possible comforts too, to make them productive. It needs a dedicated team who work empathetically, with utmost awareness and sensitivity to carve out a camp that makes insiders at home. That unique team, you are searching for is here at Praanaa, who addresses the humane aspect besides community and social needs in a camp. Yes, we fire on all cylinders, just to make our customers happy.

We have established ourselves in West Africa, where we serve one of the leading Gold producers in the world -AngloGold Ashanti (SAG). We tend to 1500 occupants who consume 1200 meals a day.

We are on the verge of expanding our footprint to other parts of the world with the guidance and foresight of qualified chefs and managers who have years of European, African, Middle East and Asian experience in their kitty. Our hospitality crosses all borders.

Join us for a wholesome and vibrant experience – something you would never have encountered before in a camp