Being a host is never easy. Yet we love to be one. We are a team of connoisseurs who cater with flair, dishing out a gourmet experience of a life time; focusing on quality in quantity. Praanaa strives for excellence in delivering unrivaled service and support to clients by providing fresh innovative quality products and value for money.

Praanaa with an eye for detail in corporate catering makes your dream party come true. Be it theme event dinner parties, weddings, celebrations or corporate theme parties, we organize it all with flourish. Let us know your ideas. We will give you what you want. Consider us friends not just caterers who offer hassle- free service. We also guide, offer suggestions to conceptualize, plan and budget gatherings at short notice. Besides designing and tailoring catering service to meet your unique individual needs is also on our menu.

Yes, together let us make your dream event a reality!

With experts in our team, we cater to varied business sectors providing a wide assortment of dishes, covering every aspect in food excellence; whatever scale clients require. Whether it is corporate catering in staff restaurants to fine dining at world-class sporting events, Praanaa rises to each occasion offering exceptional service. We concoct a cuisine that satisfies your needs and appease your taste buds and appetite guaranteeing an unforgettable gastronomic experience.

Taking you on a culinary trip with all benefits of a nutritious and balanced diet is Praanaa’s objective.

The catering services we render are -

Corporate catering
Food transportation
Health tourism
Remote camp catering
School catering
Cold food processing for super markets
Weddings, parties, events etc.