When you team up with us, we steward your restaurant or hospitality business through the entire process - from concept development, restaurant design to financial modeling, menu designing and implementation to success and profitability.

When you need to improve, grow, evolve or even wish to accomplish an idea for development, our experienced and skilled manpower with professional expertise come to the forefront.

Our Global team has the talent, experience and foresight to maximize profit, mitigate risk and guarantee results by offering our customized services in any category in restaurant and hospitality industry.

Praanaa is an aspiring global hotel/ restaurant and hospitality consultancy firm offering its service to restaurants, hotels, bars, lounges, gourmet markets, and any enterprise requiring food & beverage consulting.

We help to shape and accomplish our client's vision by providing innovative, effective and practical solutions in every segment of F&B service. With a mission to elevate dining experience in hospitality industry to greater heights around the globe we promise to meet our client's expectations.