For an organization or service to flourish, efficient and foolproof logistics is crucial. Praanaa accordingly gives utmost priority to Logistics. It studies and undertakes with passion and perseverance the potential and possibility of logistics. Our strategy in operations such as procurement, distribution, transport, storage and delivery from point of origin to point of consumption is adapted and monitored to the needs of people involved in each node. Any unsatisfied person along the supply chain adversely affects quality of product thereby compromising on service. We organize, oversee and care for the people involved, to maximize output which in turn leads to immense customer satisfaction.

In Praanaa, sourcing of products happens at local and global levels - in accordance with the ever-changing demands of customers. Our global sourcing is from Europe, Africa and Asia through skilled man-power that supplies best products at best prices.

Distribution logistics has been designed to use all means of transport -air, water, land - whenever and wherever possible. Warehousing has been set in place to store fresh products of fine quality and to serve on demand. Thus our motto is- you demand we deliver rather than we dictate you devour. Your choice is uppermost.

Punctuality and delivery on time are most valued when one goes more remote and inaccessible. And with pride we claim that our customers have always valued our punctuality in spite of negotiating through rough and dense terrains of West Africa. We are respected and appreciated for delivering on time. Obviously if we can execute such prompt service in remote areas, delivering in towns and cities will be a cakewalk. We believe logic in logistics can do wonders in service delivery.