Pramod PM
Managing Director


I, Pramod PM, Managing Director, proudly invite you to a new panorama of service experience through Praanaa. This company is the result of a longtime vision and dream. Working in the hospitality sector for two decades, I had an impelling aim in life to create my own company where I could render service innovatively and creatively with the help of a talented and committed team. The experience behind me undoubtedly helped me find a sincere and enthusiastic team which renders service the way I visualised.

Hospitality is an inherent virtue of a great soul who cares for the whole universe. True hospitality brings about warmth and love. It strengthens ties and relationships, binds humanity and makes the world a better place. With Praanaa I endeavor to reach out to those people and organizations in dire need of world class service. I have immense faith in humanity. There is a lot of good in all of us and I want to bring this to the forefront. I believe in the humane face of service delivery where people to people bond is uppermost. The service provider with great awareness and sensitivity treats clients accordingly. And we provide exactly what you need.

An important fact I learned from this sector is that customer satisfaction is the only thing that counts, nothing else matters. Client is king. So our focus is to create a lasting impact in the hearts of customers who come to us. Personally I feel service to mankind is the highest and noblest duty of an individual in his life time. It is the ultimate. It fulfills both the giver and taker. There’s no greater joy than the joy of giving.

When a man leaves this world he will be remembered and loved not for his palatial home, his fleet of cars, the number of servants he employed etc. but he will be cherished by the love, warmth and goodwill he leaves behind.