Retail Supermarket

Supermarkets are one of the pillars of Praanaa where we bountifully display a vibrant combination of products and customer service. A readiness to oblige customers and put them at ease through technological and human intervention are our top priorities while exhibiting and delivering our quality products.

Our supermarkets are equipped with umpteen miscellaneous edible and non-edible items which gratify our valuable customers in myriad ways. On our shelves are more than 10,000 products and its variants sourced from different parts of the world - France, U.K, Middle East, India, China, South Africa etc.

Supermarket is an area where you can view the world through the products on display. Our gamut of food products has the capacity to nourish and nurture your body. The global provisions expand and enlighten your mind reinforcing you with a global outlook. While introducing exotic varieties we take care to maintain the sensitivity and sensibility of the cultural needs of the local population by displaying native, home grown items too. We have tailored logistics of our supermarket to give equal importance to local producers, vendors and suppliers. Indigenous varieties play an equal if not greater role in our supermarkets. This encourages customers to experiment with wide variety of choices like consuming local food with global flavors.

Our test of strength lies in setting up a world class supermarket in remote areas where sourcing global products, transportation, distribution till the point of consumption face multiple challenges and demands. Yet we are confident of assuring you our best. Timely delivery of quality products by ensuring adequate stocks in remote camps will impress you no limits to mark shopping a supreme experience in our supermarkets.